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Welcome to the British Society of Integrated Medicine

The British Society of Integrated Medicine is the lead professional membership organisation for championing the principles, practice and development of integrated medicine within the United Kingdom.

Our Definition of Integrated Medicine:

Integrated Medicine is an approach to health and healing that provides patients with individually tailored health and wellbeing programmes which are designed to address the barriers to healing and provide the patient with the knowledge, skills and support to take better care of their physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual health. Rather than limiting treatments to a specific specialty, integrated medicine uses the safest and most effective combination of approaches and treatments from the world of conventional and complementary/alternative medicine. These are selected according to, but not limited to, evidence-based practice, and the expertise, experience and insight of the individuals and team members caring for the patient.

Our Beliefs:

We believe that the most effective, comprehensive and compassionate approach to healthcare

  • Is individualised to the person – in that it takes into account their needs, insights, beliefs, past experiences, preferences, and life circumstances
  • Empowers the individual to take an active role in their own healing by providing them with the knowledge and skills to meet their physical and emotional needs and actively manage their own health.
  • Attempts to identify and address the main barriers or blockages to a person experiencing their health and life goals. This includes physical, emotional, psychological, environmental, social and spiritual factors.
  • Uses the safest, most effective and least invasive procedures wherever possible.
  • Harnesses the power of compassion, respect and the therapeutic relationship
  • Focuses predominantly on health promotion, disease prevention and patient empowerment
  • Encourages healthcare practitioners to become the model of healthy living that they teach to others.


Our Objectives:

  • To support our members in learning about, researching and using integrated medical approaches in their clinical practice.
  • To advise our members on issues related to work ethics, legislation, accreditation, insurance, revalidation and business development.
  • To provide an appraisal process to our members
  • To promote the principles and practice of integrated medicine to the general public, media and healthcare professions.
  • To create and support a community of like-minded healthcare professionals who are dedicated to their personal and professional development
  • To work alongside synergistic international and UK medical organisations, health charities and patient support groups.
  • To foster closer relationships amongst providers of Integrated Medicine.


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