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Doctors in the UK will by law have to go through an accreditation process followed by a re-validation process by 1 January 2005 . At that point, every doctor must hold a licence to practice.

The doctor's governing body, whoever that happens to be, will appraise each doctor and then on the basis of the appraisal, the GMC will re-validate. If you are a member of the British Society of Integrated Medicine, then the BSIM will re-appraise you.

The re-appraisal process consists of an annual appraisal form. We have our own annual appraisal form which has been developed from the annual appraisal form used by GP's in the NHS. Third party evidence is necessary, which is collected from the doctor's practice, and for that purpose the Care Quality Commission will suffice.

The GMC will then re-validate on the basis of the following:

1. Good Clinical Care
2. Maintaining Good Medical Practice
3. Teaching & Training
4. Relationships with Patients
5. Working with Colleagues
6. Probity
7. Your Health

The BSIM has nearly reached final agreement with the GMC on a re-appraisal process run by the BSIM for its members.

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