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NEW MEMBERSHIP FEES are due for 2009 from all our members. Dr Julian Kenyon, The Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine, The Old Brewery, High Street, Twyford, Winchester SO21 1RG. For credit card payments please ring 01962 718000 and state this is for your BSIM Membership .


Every BSIM doctor who needs accreditation should fill out the form and send it together with a cheque for £175 payable to the BSIM, download the accreditation form from the website, fill it in and send one copy to Dr Julian Kenyon, BSIM, c/o The Dove Clinic for Integrated Medicine, The Old Brewery, High Street, Twyford, Winchester SO21 1RG. In order to be accepted for re-accreditation through the BSIM, each doctor has to qualify in the following:

Be a current member of the BSIM

Have attended 2 x BSIM conferences during one year, or 1 x BSIM conference and two other conferences.
Re-accreditation has to be carried out annually. This will be done in central London by arrangement with the doctors who wish to be re-accredited.

We are happy to accept doctors who are paid-up to attend the May conference.
The GMC has stipulated that there has to be third-party accreditation of each doctors own practice. We've agreed that this should be done through National Care Standards - please see section on HealthCare Commission.

Care Quality Commission (formerly HealthCare Commission)

The Care Quality Commission (CQC) is responsible for regulating national minimum standards and regulations for independent Health Care.
This includes all clinics and all practices, no matter how small.
The reasons for registering are good practice, prestige in terms of being a recognised clinic and third party evaluation of your practice.
The disadvantages are that it is expensive, paper intensive, time consuming and takes it toll on the staff.
Any practice must reflect the following:

  • Patient Centrered Services
  • Patient Information
  • Accountability
  • Safety & Quality Assurance
  • Consistency

Application for registration is made to Pay the fee and wait. Purchase 'The Book ' Department of Health/Independent Health Care/National Minimum Standards Regulations/8 ISBN: 0-11-322572-5
Put into place and practice 'The Book', unfortunately it's long. CQC will attend for a pre-inspection meeting and probably several further meetings. The inspection involves discussion with the patients, staff, management and others. There will be scrutiny of policies, procedures and records.
Post-inspection, the CQC will produce a report and grade all standards of your practice. Certain items will be statutory requirements.

4. Standard Exceeded (Commendable)
3. Standard met (No Shortfalls)
2. Standard Almost Met (minor shortfalls)
1. Standard not met - major shortfalls

Post-inspection you are able to have some time to respond to the evaluation. Once this has been completed inspection will appear on the CQC Website for everyone to view. You are then encouraged to continue to audit, monitor, and practice all that has been established.


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